Company Overview

SUNcast Polytech is a manufacturer of specialty cast elastomer polyurethane (PUR) wear parts. The company has expertise in relation to molds, materials selection and manufacturing. SUNcast manufactures PUR parts for the pipeline, Oil & gas, mining, construction and forestry industries for use in difficult and demanding applications.

Supplying tough parts that respond to environmental and operational concerns has been the responsibility entrusted to Suncast by its customers for many years. We produce parts aimed at overcoming challenging Wear Issues. Our company has been fortunate to be chosen to supply customers that face those issues daily, and who are recognized as leaders in their fields because they insist on solutions that not only address wear issues, but also environmental needs.


Suncast has been supporting its customers in supplying parts that meet or exceed life cycle expectations and that also can be ReCast ™ many times, saving material costs and dramatically reducing the volume of waste deposited in landfills. No other supplier provides this combination of critical performance features in the markets in which we are active.

Testimonials we have received from customers strongly support the performance of our parts as well as the service they receive in timely deliveries that meet their demanding specifications.

In order to maintain our leadership in these areas, we have developed, research and quality system capabilities to ensure that the wide variety of customer needs we serve can be satisfied to high and consistent standards.

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