What is ReCast™ ?

Suncast uses a proprietary process technology called ReCast™, which has been tested/verified by an independent engineering study, that makes it possible to rebuild or recycle worn polyurethane (PUR) parts. The technology creates a completely secure bond between virgin and cured PUR cast elastomer enabling ReCast™ parts to perform successfully in demanding applications.

Because cast elastomer PUR is an expensive material and has not been recyclable, Suncast’s technology offers an opportunity to reuse what is now waste.

The technology has been successfully used to rebuild wear parts for a variety of applications in oilsands, hydrocarbon transportation and other high wear environments.


Tests Done to Verify ReCast™ Performance

In the developmental stages of ReCast,™ Suncast did a study in which ReCast™ test pieces were made by bonding virgin material to scrap PUR substrate material. A variety of substrate parent materials were used so as to provide a broader picture of the technology’s capabilities. Both ReCast™ and parent material control samples were tested and compared for ultimate tensile strength and percentage elongation at failure.

Customers are provided access to our Recast™ study results, together with an opportunity to review the methodology. Highlights of the test results include:

  • ReCast™ samples achieved the same high levels of ultimate tensile strength and percentage elongation as original material;
  • Zero bond line failures as well as an absence of obvious bond lines;
  • Success in making dual durometer pieces.

ReCast™ Features & Benefits

  • In oilsands, mining & other demanding environments, parts made of all types of material eventually become undersized and are pulled from service and scrapped. With ReCast™, the worn PUR part can be used as a core and new, high performance PUR can be bonded to the wear edges to rebuild the part back to its original dimensions. Because of the strength and robustness of ReCast™ technology, a part made with this process has the same performance integrity as a new part.
  • Suncast has successfully ReCast many thousands of parts of various sizes and types for use in a wide variety of service conditions. ReCast™ reliability is field-proven!
  • Both normal wear patterns and severe damage can be repaired.
  • All of the wear edges of the worn parts are rebuilt so that only the new high performance material is in contact with the wear surface. This ensures that ReCast™ parts perform and wear the same as new parts.
  • Significant cost savings can be realized by ReCast™
  • Parts can usually be ReCast™ several times which serves to maximize life cycle cost savings. Through our Quality System, the cores of parts being ReCast™ are evaluated at several stages of our manufacturing process as to their acceptability for being rebuilt. If the part in question continues to pass acceptability checks each time it is returned to us for ReCast™, it may be ReCast™ an unlimited number of times.

Independent Testimonial

Click here to see a powerful testimonial as to the many types of value-added advantages derived from ReCast™. The testimonial is contained in an article published by a company that is a recognized leader in its field, operating in a very demanding high wear environment.

Environmental Trends – Being Prepared for new Regulations

Since Suncast did its early research and development of ReCast™, there has been a steady increase in both public and private sector emphasis on finding solutions to environmental concerns. Suncast has responded with continual refinements to its ReCast™ process.

Environmental and regulatory goals that are expected to continue to get high profile attention in coming years include waste minimization, reduction of landfill use/expansion and increased reuse/recycling initiatives. To varying degrees, ReCast™ contributes to achievement of goals in all these areas. It is estimated that Suncast has reduced landfill waste by hundreds of thousands of pounds, while achieving repeated high performance use of many types of ReCast™ parts.

California, often a trend-setter in environmental regulation, has tabled legislation called the California Product Stewardship Act which will require certain manufacturers to create products which are more durable, and are also responsive to environmental and safety concerns when they enter the waste stream. Although such legislation does not yet exist in the main markets served by Suncast, the combination of polyurethane’s durability and the ability of the ReCast™ process to reduce landfill use is directly responsive to these regulatory concerns if and when they do get applied in other jurisdictions.

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